Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! I was very blessed this past xmas with a few great kitchen presents that I’ll be discussing in the coming week. Two new cookbooks, tools, and some inspiration!

I’m hoping this coming year sees a lot more fun recipes and pinterest attempts here. That’s my plan anyway! I have gotten much better about taking pictures and even my photography has improved over past attempts.

I am also going to be working on organizing my kitchen better. I have a very small galley kitchen, with minimal counter space. I’m trying to arrange things a little bit better to give myself more room and looking at a new light fixture, new faucet, and new curtains/shutters for the window. Thinking I may do a short video of what it looks like before and after. I’ve been in this house for six years now and have already made some changes. I HAD to change the color of the walls ASAP, so that got done first. 🙂

As I’ve never done a video, we’ll see how that turns out – LOL! I may even get an updated photo of myself on here at some point.

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