Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit.  Things have been busy and while I’ve been cooking, I suck at remembering to take pictures and blog about it.  I usually remember when I’m shoveling into my mouth.  My bad.

Things will be turning around a bit more here soon.  Thanks to a lot of free cookbooks that Amazon offers for Kindle, I’ve got a shit ton of new recipes to try out and tweak – including vegan and gluten-free.  No, I’m NOT a vegan (give me bacon at every meal!) nor do I need anything gluten-free.  However, I have friends that are or do.  And believe it or not, I’ve actually tried some vegetarian and vegan dishes that I liked – and I’m not a veggie fan.  Also, gluten-free pancakes are pretty awesome – just sayin’.

So, keep an eye out.  I’ll be back to some sort of normalcy soon.  🙂