How I Cook & Other Things

Baking has precise measurements for a reason, so you can be assured to find those lists of ingredients exactly as you would in a recipe book. There’s a great book out on the science of baking found here. Give it a read!

But cooking is to taste. I don’t measure much of anything, as I go by what I like (so there tends to be a lot of garlic when it’s called for) and what my Man likes  Also, spices in particular are different for everyone. Some people like a lot of pepper or salt, others don’t. I’m also one of those people who can’t handle the taste of cilantro, so I don’t use it. If you don’t like certain spices, feel free to substitute.  Cooking is about creativity and your own personal taste … if you aren’t cooking in a restaurant that is.

There will be times when I’ll recommend less or more of something – particularly salt – as some dishes will have ingredients that are already high in salt content. Also, when dishes call for spicy ingredients (such as jalapeños or cayenne pepper) I tend to use a little less. While I love spicy food, my intestines do not. And what may be too hot for me, will be too weak for you. You know yourself and your families taste better than I do.

You won’t find a ton of ads here, pop-ups, or have to scroll forever to find the damn recipe <- that is a huge pet peeve of mine against most cooking blogs. I am working on taking better pictures, but won’t promise anything there.

Happy Cooking!