Bread – My Nemisis

Confession: I suck at making bread.

Well, I suck at making bread that requires yeast and rising. Regardless of how well I follow directions, do everything little trick I have found, I absolutely suck at getting a bread dough to rise properly. It’s infuriating!

The other day, I attempted to make a focaccia bread. Of course it didn’t rise at all, though I still went through all the steps and did cook it. Taste-wise, it was okay, just dense because of my failure. Yes, the yeast was fresh, had it in a warm spot to rise, etc. ARGH!

I WILL NOT LET THIS THING BEAT ME! I love bread – all types of bread. It’s my fourth favorite food. So I told the Man that he’s going to have to suffer through all my attempts to make bread. He just laughed at me and said he’d help me dispose of all my attempts. He’s such a trooper. 🙂

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